Graphic identity

In this graphic identity, we chose to highlight the exceptional landscape of the island Öland, Sweden.

Imagine that you are standing on the great heathland; you feel the wind, smell the ocean, limestone walls surround you, and you can see some old barns in the distance. That is Öland. Inspired by the landscape surrounding this small shopping mall, we made a pattern with geometric forms. It's an identity-bearing pattern that forms the basis of the identity.

The result is a colorful identity with a sunny feeling. Did you know that Öland often has the highest number of sunshine hours per year in all of Sweden?


Ölands Köpstad's color scheme consisting of six colors.
Animated graphic card with a yellow circle and blue lines.Graphic thank you card made with typography in two blue colors.

Visual identity, art direction, design and production created by Veryhappyagency under employment at Kreation.