Musica Vitae

Graphic identity

When listening to the chamber orchestra Musica Vitae, you get everything between intimate, dramatic, and magnificent. And baroque and romance as well as contemporary music. In 2020, the orchestra, which has its home stage in Växjö, celebrated 40 years!

They appear on small and large stages around Sweden. And they have toured and played abroad, for example, in Japan, the USA, Germany, Greece, China, and Spain. Music and motion are the obvious themes for the new graphic identity. Classic colors are side by side with more popping intense colors, and larger shapes are combined with thin lines to create tension.


Musica Vitae's old logotype made 25 years ago.


Musica Vitae's new logotype.

After 25 years with the same logo, it was time for a change. The new logo consists of various hand-drawn letters that together form a whole, just like an orchestra. You can feel the motion of music flowing through the logo, and you'll see several string instruments and music associations as notes, strings, and shells.


New color palette with classical colors side by side with clear intense colors.Musica Vitea's new color palette consisting of six lovely colors.
A symbol made from the letters M and V in the logotype in red and pink.
Dark blue logo symbol on a light green circle.
Light pink logo symbol on a dark red circle.
Golden logo symbol on a dark blue circle.
Dark red logo symbol on a golden circle.
Picture of a man wearing a hat playing double bass.

Visual identity, logotype, art direction, design and production created by Veryhappyagency together with Musik i Syd.