Kalmarsunds gymnasieförbund

Brand identity

We've created a bold and playful brand identity that encourages a strong expression and the use of colors.

This municipal educational association's main task is to conduct and develop upper secondary education. We wanted to create a brand identity with possibilities for great variations and, at the same time, is held tightly together and creates recognition. We use bold colors and large shapes to create distinct communication for young adults.

Animation showing Kalmarsunds Gymnasieförbund's logotype shifting colors.
The symbol from the logotype as a graphic element in pink and yellow.


The old logotype made over 20 years ago.


Kalmarsunds Gymnasieförbund's new logotype in yellow and black.

Their tagline "More opportunities" inspired the logo. There are many different paths to take, and the possibilities are almost endless on your way to reaching your goals. We want to encourage young adults to be brave, follow their hearts and have fun along the road. And it can all start with the guidance and information from Gymnasieförbundet.

Colorpalette and font

Kalmarsunds Gymnasieförbund's color palette consisting of eight bold colors.Kalmarsunds Gymnasieförbund's color palette consisting of eight bold colors.
New fonts with many weights for possibilities for great variations.
Id-holder and pins with the logotype and the symbol in different colors.

Visual identity, logotype, art direction, design and production created by Veryhappyagency under employment at Kreation.