Brand identity

For one of Sweden's largest bus companies, we created a new logo and brand identity. Bergkvarabuss drives school buses, public transport, and tourists around Sweden and Europe.

A child is riding the bus to school, and a couple is on their way to a skiing holiday. An elderly lady and her friends are going to a Christmas market in Germany. Whoever you are, you can feel safe and comfortable all the way, accompanied by Bergkvarabuss. The brand identity reflects a more smooth expression, focusing on the brand's core values, inclusion, and cooperation.


Bergkvarabuss old logotype


Bergkvarabuss new logotype in warm red and blue.

The journey stands for the inspiration for the graphics where some travel far and others are just on a short trip, someone gets on the bus, and others get off. We designed a flexible system to work both in small and large sizes and fit various buses and purposes.

Colorpalette and font

Bergkvarabuss color palette consisting of eight calm colors.Bergkvarabuss new font and typography.

Visual identity, logotype, art direction, design and production created by Veryhappyagency under employment at Kreation.